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Spotlight Employee – Mandy Jordan

July 22, 2015


The Science Department at York Technical College firmly believes in paying it forward. This habit often manifests itself in little things such as buying coffee for the person behind you in the drive thru, organizing birthday celebrations, or lifting up each others accomplishments such as the Spotlight Employee recognition.

Paying it forward also acts as a butterfly movement. It is those little habits that create the foundation for very important intangibles such as engagement, energy, and positivity. This foundation is crucial in education because instructors spend most of their waking moments actively planning, teaching, grading, advising, and trying to figure out what more we can do for our students. We need the support from our peers knowing they are there for us to bounce ideas around, and to remind us that what we do is important. In essence, we need positive support to keep moving forward.

The strong connections within the Science Department must be working.  On multiple occasions, our science department has received the President’s Award which is given to faculty who exemplify excellence in education and community. I applaud the camaraderie, strength, and support of our Science Department.

Here is an excerpt from the Science Department’s Spotlight Employee recognition:

“If the list of values below could be rolled up into one unit you would have Mandy Jordan. She clearly excels in teaching constantly adapting and changing, taking the initiative to use new methods to improve student mastery of material. As a leader of a team she has never hesitated to take time to help me with things I was still struggling to learn. Mandy has worked to change the lecture from simply one instructor speaking the whole time to more student involvement thru in-class activities. She has used technology to provide students with after class instruction whether thru Socrates or thru on-line tutoring. She has freely offered to share the successful techniques she uses with any instructor so that all students receive a higher level of instruction. As a new adjunct instructor, with much to learn, I cannot imagine how I would have done without a leader like Mandy to guide me and answer the many questions that I have had. Sometimes asking the same question; but, Mandy always took the time to teach me again. I am very fortunate.”

Congratulations Mandy!

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  1. Martha Macdonald permalink
    July 23, 2015 11:46 am

    Absolutely. Thanks for sharing.

    Martha Macdonald, Ph.D.



    York Technical College

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