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LibAnywhere comes to York Tech Indian Land Campus

January 9, 2015

Contribution from our Librarian, Erinnae Cline

New to Indian Land is our new “LibAnywhere” unit, similar to a Redbox. Using their student ID, students at Indian Land may now check out and return library materials at the off-campus Indian Land location. We purchased the unit in order to better fulfill our mission to provide services comparable to the ones offered at Main Campus. We’re hoping that this will help provide students with the materials they need to be successful in their assignments, as well as provide materials for personal development.

This is a particularly exciting addition to Indian Land because York Tech is the only institution (aside from the piloting institution) to acquire this technology in the United States! However, we are the first in the United States to offer the option of email receipts for transactions in cases where students do not desire a paper receipt.

To use the machine, the student scans his/her library card or enters his/her student ID number, and the door to the machine opens. Anything that is removed from the machine is automatically charged to his/her library account. To return materials, students need only to once again scan their ID to open the door, and replace the items they wish to return. Items will automatically be removed from their account.

We hope that offering this service at Indian Land will be a convenient way for off-campus students to increase their connection to York Tech.

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