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Motivational Moments – “I believe that we will win”

July 9, 2014

How exciting the 2014 World Cup has been for the USA! The sports news is filled with commentary regarding the confidence, grit, and will of the USA team competing in this world competition. An image forever burned on our memories came from a commercial. The USA team’s powerful slogan was delivered by a confident goalie looking right into our homes, right into our eyes.  He said, “I believe that we will win.”

What is magical about this moment is its simplicity.  The power of words. Tim Howard believed it, so I believed it. His teammates believed it, and together they played better than they have ever played. Then, the world started to believe it. Tim’s words inspired me, not to play soccer, but to believe in the possibility of making an impact. 

This is what educators must do. We must believe in the possibility of every student that walks through our doors. We can’t make our students be motivated, but we can believe that our efforts will make a difference. We can believe in the possibilities that our jobs, what we do on a daily basis, impacts lives. The following video includes inspirational videos from powerful faculty and staff at our college. These Motivational Moments are meant to showcase our belief that we will win.  Enjoy!

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  1. Michele Wells permalink
    July 14, 2014 9:52 am

    Excellent stories shared by caring people!

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