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February 25, 2014

The South Carolina Technical Education Association (SCTEA) celebrated its 40th anniversary during the annual conference this past weekend; and what a fantastic celebration it was. The SCTEA@2014: The future is now! conference was an impressive representation of valuing the shared mission throughout the state. The collective passion, experience, and leadership of the 16 colleges within the system was demonstrated throughout the three day celebration. The quality of sessions and the engaging keynote speakers amounted to a successful event. The conference is an impressive networking opportunity, bringing together the same concepts that make our students successful: connections, collaboration, and awareness.

The SCTEA conference demonstrated the value of bringing that collective experience together, in a face to face environment, to build relationships and engagement. Employee engagement is a hot topic in business, so much so that recently Dale Carnegie has written six white papers on the subject. The research clearly states the value and return on investment of an engaged employee, and Dale Carnegie suggests the following five key positive emotions to support engagement: inspired, enthusiastic, empowered, confident, and valued.

Conference participants did not have to reach far to connect the mission of the SCTEA, the powerful keynote speakers, the session topics, and wonderful vendors (and prizes!) to the five key positive emotions of engagement. Although the keynote topics discussed different stages in life (from breaking the silos of education to supporting a dignified retirement), they both implored us to be engaged and care about the future of our state.

Kudos to SCTEA for an inspirational conference continuing the mission of the organization and impacting the engagement of its members.


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