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Breathe and Observe

August 21, 2013

Breathe and observe is my advice for any Instructor (regardless of career experience) during these first days of school. The beginning of the year is an extremely hectic time for many of us, and you will find little validation and understanding from the business world regarding how important the first days of school are to sustaining a successful semester. Typically, the moment a teacher succumbs to the pressures of trying to get a business professional to understand, the business professional immediately makes a comment about vacation time as if it was the panacea of all things education.

Instead of looking out for validation and support, challenge yourself to breathe and observe your own transition into the new semester. One of the most amazing benefits of being in education is the change of the semester. It is our phoenix.  Self-evaluating our own behaviors during transition periods is an excellent way to make life easier down the road.

Take a minute to evaluate the craziness of the first days of school instead of continuing to function in firefighter mode. It is so powerful.  Assess the amount of work you have magically completed in an extremely short period of time. Take note of what you did well, and celebrate those successes. Take note of what you would do differently and resist being a victim by thoughtfully identifying what you could control and could not control.  Finally, use this process of discovery to create an action plan to help avoid collisions later.  Relish in your new fortune, self-awareness, because you deserve it.

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