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DO IT for Your Students – Special resources

January 25, 2013

The following post was written by Sally Herlong, Department Manager, Special Resources/Disability Services.

The Special Resources Office which provides services to students with disabilities would like to share an outstanding web resource with faculty:  The “Faculty Room” on the DO-IT Center website.  All faculty will find helpful information on this website, but particularly those who have students with disabilities in their classrooms.  Often faculty are unknowingly teaching students with learning difficulties and much of the information is considered “Universal Design,” advantageous to ALL persons.  As you will see, DO-IT’s mission fits perfectly with ours focusing on maximizing the learning and success of students.

DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) began as a grant-funded initiative out of the University of Washington.  It was so successful that the University chose to continue supporting the Center after the grant funding dissipated, much to the delight of disability service providers!

DO-IT Center’s mission is to promote the success of individuals with disabilities in postsecondary education and careers, using technology as an empowering tool.

DO-IT serves to

  • increase the success of people with disabilities in challenging academic programs and careers.
  • promote the application of universal design to physical spaces, information technology, instruction, and services.
  • freely distribute publications and videos for use in presentations, exhibits, and the classroom.
  • provide resources for students with disabilities, K-12 educators, postsecondary faculty and administrators, librarians, employers, parents, and mentors.

The Faculty Room is a “space for faculty and administrators at postsecondary institutions to learn about how to create classroom environments and academic activities that maximize the learning of all students, including those with disabilities.”  Particularly note the Faculty Resources tab.

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