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Ladybugs and Students

January 14, 2013

You may have noticed the invasion of Ladybugs recently. It is that time of year when they seem to be everywhere. They have a seemingly non-confrontational presence and illicit smiles and associations of pleasant things. However, the sheer number of them brings the realization they have a real purpose. The significance of the beetle is a rich folklore and they are indeed a very unique species.

Ladybugs have been used as medicine, the Swiss believed them to deliver babies, and they have been associated with good luck. In the middle ages, they saved crops by feasting on the enemy. Comedians enjoy writing material regarding the masculinity of male ladybug. Male ladybugs are actually smaller than the females, and the spots of either gender vary like snowflakes. And, according to National Geographic, there are about 5,000 species of ladybugs.

Then the realization hit. It is also that time of year when our own ladybugs arrive. The same ones that are invading campus today! They bring the halls to life and have an association of unity and purpose. It is important to resist seeing the pack as one swarm and work to see our students as unique and individual.

Although they come in as one, filling the room in seconds, they represent diversity, individuality, strength and tenacity. Our students will create a significance of their own, possibly following the folklore of the ladybug, working in medicine, delivering babies, or providing a service to others.  Our role is to contribute to the students’ mission as they forge on, soldiers of society, to one day reach their purpose.

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