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Lib Guide Websites Allow You to Work Smart!

April 9, 2012

by Monique Perry, Communication/English Instructor and Doctoral Student

As an instructor, I personally recognize the constant juggle of teaching, advising, committee work, special projects, and everything else we ALL do to contribute to our College’s mission of maximizing student success.  There isn’t a week that goes by where someone doesn’t stop me to ask, “How do you manage everything?” While there isn’t a specific prescription for managing time (as it’s an individual’s personal decision as to what one deems a priority and is willing to temporarily sacrifice), I’m all about high quality results and maximizing productivity in everything I do. I like to work smart.

The Lib Guide website is one of the many tools I use with my students to work a bit smarter.  The Lib Guide website is an online resource available from the Anne Springs Close Library that allows faculty to promote critical thinking skills, self-advocacy, and accountability among students in an environment they are very fond of – the internet.  Consider the following statistics:

  • YTC students range in age from roughly 17 to 70.
  • Research shows that most students complete their homework/coursework between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.
  • More than 80% of adults rely on the internet on a daily basis; and many utilize the internet as their primary source of news, weather, and other necessity-type information

The Lib Guide websites are customizable websites that allow faculty to create web pages by selecting pre-populated tabs to push information to students. Students can access your site using a personal url designated just for your site. Just think…if you have students who don’t know about plagiarism, add the “Organization of Writing and Plagiarism Tab” to your site—and they can read about it there. If you assign a research project, add the “Databases A-Z” tab to your page for one-stop access to all of the resources available from our library.  Want to create a page that includes current events related to your course? You’ll find a tab that allows you to link to various magazines, newspapers, and other news outlets too! Know an instructor who already has a Lib Guide? You can add or copy tabs that they have created as well!

The Lib Guide website is a great supplement to my traditional and online classes as it promotes a student’s ability to access resources to support their work 24/7. I have sites for all of my classes that I can reuse each semester. If an update to the pre-populated information becomes available, it’s automatically pushed to my site without me having to lift a finger–sounds like working smart to me!

You can depend on great support from Debbie Jones and the Anne Springs Close Library staff. They are great partners to get you started and are the first point of contact for students when they have access questions.

Check out my sites and other sites from your colleagues (YTC Homepage > Library > Library Guides).  Remember – work smart!

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