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February 2, 2012

You’ve participated in benchmark workshops to learn about creating early connections with students, integrating support for students, and using active/collaborative strategies to engage your students. Now take time to examine one of your classes (face-to-face, hybrid, or online) as you join three of your colleagues in a reflective exercise designed to enrich your teaching and to build community.  Enjoy a structured, non-threatening process of classroom observation, sharing, and self-reflection.

You will have an opportunity to observe your colleagues and be observed by them, discuss promising practices, create collaborative connections with others, and develop an appreciation for the work of your colleagues while you appraise your own class.  Ignite your passion for teaching!  Teaching Squares can include four instructors in the same field of study or instructors from different areas.  Sign up individually to be matched with others, or sign up as a team by e-mailing by February 10.  You will spend approximately 6 to 8 hours over a 4- to 5-week period in your Teaching Square.  Get specific information from the Teaching Squares instructions.

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