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What do Students Tell You with Their Questions?

October 4, 2011

James R. Keating of Butler University tells us that the questions our online students ask—or don’t ask—can tell us a lot.  When online students ask higher-order questions, they are likely comfortable in the online environment and with the content; engage them with analysis and reflection for deeper learning.  When students ask content-specific questions, you may wonder why they didn’t find the information in course materials.  Were they lazy?  Do they have adequate reading skills?  Are they confused?  Or do they just want contact with you?

If a student is asking process questions, he/she may be uncomfortable in the online environment and may need to be led through the process.  He/she can easily be discouraged.  The most problematic online student will be the silent student.  Is he/she bored, under time constraints, lost?  Start a conversation to find out, or you may lose these students.

Read more from Dr. Keating at this Faculty Focus link:

What do Students Tell You…

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