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Xtranormal – 3-D Digital Characters

April 29, 2011

Use 3-D digital characters and scenes to give your course some personality using  Just pick your “set” (scene) from Xtranormal’s collection and then choose your characters. Share information or content with your students via superheroes or a Larry King interview, for example.  If you can type, you can bring your characters to life! The software uses “text to voice” to create the character’s script.

  • To start and practice, download the free version “STATE.”  Use this for PRACTICE ONLY; this version will NOT allow you to share the video.
  • Then create your login account using the Education tab.  The online download version “MOVIE MAKER” will allow you to create movies that you can share via e-mail, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Facebook, Youtube, and Myspace.  You can also create an mp4 file of your movie to download and save.

You are given five thousand points for joining using the education discount. Pay for everything with your points; points are used when you go the market to purchase sets, sounds, and characters, and for rendering your movie.  You should be able to create at least three movies with the free points.  Make your movies count, and create movies you are likely to use over and over.  Follow the link below to see a sample created for our COL 101 and 103 courses.

Contact Rickey Wages at 981-7330 or for more information or for assistance.

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