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Using Videos to Encourage Success

April 29, 2011

You have many options to engage your students with videos and help them be successful in your F2F or online classes.  Use them as lessons, tutorials, discussion starters, writing topics, and as many other purposes as you can imagine!

HippoCampus provides free high-quality multimedia content for algebra, American government, biology, calculus, environmental science, physics, psychology, statistics, and U.S. history.  The content has been developed by colleges and universities worldwide and is part of Open Education Resources.  HippoCampus is a project of the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education (MITE) and is supported by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

NBC Learn is available to you and your students with a link in the D2L Resources and Information widget on your D2L and course homepages.  As part of a pilot project from now through the summer term, you and your students have access to over 80 years of NBC news video archives and special projects.  Go to D2L and click on the NBC Learn Videos link to search the many, many topics available to you.

Khanacademy – Sal Kahn started creating algebra videos for his cousins and ended up creating over 2100 videos and exercises on a variety of topics!  The Khan team is on a mission to provide quality education for everyone!  Use these videos for lessons and supplements on all math topics (algebra, trigonometry, statistics, developmental, etc.), physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, finance, economics, etc.

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