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Have Fun While Learning

April 29, 2011

Click photo to view video of contest

Go to class, sit at a desk, listen to your instructor lecture, then get up and leave. BORING!  But Susan Sherlock’s EGR 190 students got to smash bridges last week…toothpick bridges, that is. The goal of the annual toothpick bridge contest is to design and build the strongest bridge using only wooden toothpicks and glue. Students attached a bucket to their bridges and slowly filled the bucket with weights and sand until the bridge collapsed. The lightest mass bridge that withstood the most weight was declared the winner. This year’s winner was Paul Bartos, whose bridge weighed only 60 grams and held 906% of its weight.

Click the following  link  to view video of the contest:

The contest was suspenseful and a lot of fun to watch! Students had a great time competing while learning about structural design.

What fun activities can you do in your class to make learning fun?

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  1. July 28, 2011 2:19 pm

    “Have fun while learning” is an amazing breakthrough in the teaching and learning process. It adds phenominal value to professional development, teaching & learning, as well as student engagement to ensure overall success. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of NBC learn and would love to see us incorporate a SC Optimist District YES [Youth Empowerment Service] mentoring program as a link to the community we serve.
    Visit the website: and click on “YES”

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