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Are Group Assignments Worth It?

April 29, 2011

Students and faculty alike bemoan the challenges of group work.  Faculty may find it difficult to hold all students accountable for their work and may not like assessing groups; students have problems getting together and don’t like “hitchhikers” and “hijackers.”  But in The Horizon D2L newsletter, Rick Nigol provides guidance in creating effective groups so that students will have positive experiences collaborating, problem solving, communicating, and creating as a cohesive group.

Mr. Nigol offers several tips for effective groups:

1.   Provide appropriate guidance in the formation stage

2.   Provide clear directions and expectations

3.   Form appropriate-sized groups for your project

4.   Allow time for your groups to gel

5.   Ensure individual accountability

6.   Let students reflect on the group experience

Read more specific information about each of these tips at

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