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Using Web 2.0 Tools

March 9, 2011

Tricia Hovis, Jonathon Stewart, Jan Sinfield, Chris Ardis, John McGill, Rik Orr

Sue Tatro, Rik Orr, John McGill, Love Sanchez, Monique Perry, Pete Baldwin, Gordon Pomeroy, Jonathon Stewart, Tom Dickerson all strutted their stuff as they demonstrated how they used Web 2.0 tools in their classes.  Participants and a panel of judges were treated to a variety of strategies used to engage students in their course content and with their classmates.

These innovative faculty used cabbages and asparagus avatars to share information (Sue), YouTube for foreign language songs (Love), LinkedIn to create professional contacts (Monique), blogs to model writing drafts of papers and to have access to science information and film clips (Rik and Gordon), weekly short personal videos for online classes (Pete), instructional videos for hybrid classes (Tom), phone polling for feedback (John), and Twitter for communication (Jonathon).

The workshop was a result of a YTC Foundation mini-grant written by Denise Smith last fall.  To encourage faculty to reach out and utilize Web 2.0 tools, Denise structured the workshop to include judging by a group of peers and acquired prizes for the top three strategies based on innovation, ease of use, adaptability, and positive student feedback.  The following individuals took home prizes that can be used in a variety of ways to further improve student engagement and success:

  • Jonathon Stewart (encouraging student interaction with Twitter) – Flip camera
  • John McGill (engaging students with Poll Everywhere) – Softchalk
  • Rik Orr (modeling writing 1st, 2nd, final drafts on a blog) – iPod nano

Contact Denise Smith in the Center for Teaching and Learning for creative ideas and assistance in utilizing Web 2.0 tools in your classes (  Strike up a conversation with these instructors to have them share their projects in more detail.  You too can create more interest in your classes by meeting our students where they live—on the internet!

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