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Grammar Boot Camp

March 9, 2011

For the two weeks prior to midterm, the Academic Coaching & Tutoring (ACT) Center has been hosting Midterm Grammar Boot Camp sessions for students who want help studying for English midterm exams.  Adjunct English instructor Kate Hutchison has run several of these question-and-answer sessions to help students who may not know how to study grammar from their text books.

The purpose of the boot camps is to provide students with real examples of the grammar mistakes that they may struggle with.  Studying grammar from a text book is very difficult, so in these boot camps, students can bring questions about grammar rules they struggle with.  During the sessions, students ask these questions and see relevant examples of both the common error and how to correct that error.

So far, student response has been positive.  One student was slow to take advantage of boot camp until his ENG 100 instructor put a little pressure on him, but the corrections he was able to make on his essay earned him points that made boot camp worthwhile.  He appreciated not only the boot camp but also the efforts by faculty and staff to get him there!  Now he feels good about returning to the ACT on his own.

Although these boot camp sessions help students prepare for their English midterm exams, the Center also provides tutoring for writing and grammar outside of the boot camp times, so students may bring questions about grammar and writing at any time.

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