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What is The Learning Commons?

December 2, 2010

A learning commons is a learner-centered environment–physical or virtual–that combines elements of pedagogy, student learning, and technological support.  To reach today’s students, it becomes our responsibility to use different approaches to create different or better outcomes.  The Learning Commons publication is a tool that the Center for Teaching and Learning will use to share information about promising practices in teaching, learning, and using technology to achieve our student success goals.

The blog format gives you an opportunity to interact.  Subscribe to the blog so that you are notified of new postings by entering your e-mail address under “E-mail Subscription.”  (Manage your subscription by clicking on Daily or Weekly to get only one e-mail for all postings.)  Click on links to view short videos and hear audio recordings of YTC students and faculty.  Give us feedback and share your thoughts about articles by clicking on “Comments.”  Participate in polls and get immediate feedback as others share their viewpoints as well.  Use this simple tool to stay informed, learn of new ways to reach your students, and reflect on your opportunities for personal and professional development.

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