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Extreme Communications!

December 1, 2010

Students in Monique Perry’s classes never know what they’ll be asked to do!  Public Speaking students may find themselves presenting a creative group project about the benefits of attending YTC; Communications I students may collaborate with an Intro to Business class on a fashion show highlighting appropriate interview attire in their various fields of study.  All of this in the public eye, as Monique invites other students and faculty to participate as the audience.

Monique started her career in the public sector as a college freshman intern with a Fortune 500 business.  Her work ethic and potential led her supervisor to hire her as a fulltime executive speech writer directly out of college.  A career change led her to working with Wachovia interests during a volatile time and resulted in a layoff that would change her life.  Monique found her calling while teaching part time at ECPI and then at YTC.

Monique’s work experience guides her expectations of students.  Students receive guidance and encouragement, and are asked to push themselves beyond their comfort zones.  They collaborate with each other as well as students in other classes to better reflect work environment expectations.  To Monique, it’s all about doing what students need; she is an advocate for students.  This fall she worked to negotiate lower book prices with the publisher; and she is co-advising ESP (Educating Single Parents), a support group for single parents to learn about and take advantage of campus and community resources.  Watch the following short video to discover Monique’s philosophy of teaching and learning and how her classroom activities support her philosophy.

Welcome to Monique Perry in her first year of teaching at YTC!

Click here to hear Monique’s philosophy of teaching.

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