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Early Connections & Memorable Teachers

December 1, 2010
Group of students smiling at camera

Click on the photo to listen to the students/faculty comment on their most influential instructors.

Throughout this academic year, we are focusing on SENSE benchmarks, those factors that influence the retention and success of our entering students.  Making connections—or not making the connections— with our students may have more of an impact than we think.  Read a couple of memories of our staff and faculty as they go back in time to those influential teachers in their lives.  Then listen to comments from our students and faculty by clicking on the photo.  Did their instructors make connections that go beyond academics?  Add your memories of teachers who have made an impact on you in the Comment section below.

My fourth grade teacher made us feel we were a part of something.  He made me love history, and I memorized the Gettysburg Address because of that.

While a student at YTC, my most memorable teacher was Mr. Billy Sexton.  He made certain that every student knew the accounting principles in his classes.  I enjoyed his classes enough that I nominated him for Teacher of the Year in 2005, and he won with my essay!  He occasionally comes back to campus but only for a special occasion (he always said that once he retired…he was NOT coming back).  He made a lasting impression on me, and I will always hold the memories of his class and his charm in my heart!

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